Paul’s Plan to Visit

8 First of all, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because the news about your faithfulness is being spread throughout the whole world. 9 I serve God in my spirit by preaching the good news about God’s Son, and God is my witness that I continually mention you 10 in all my prayers.Continue reading “Paul’s Plan to Visit”

Don’t forget Worship!

Summer is upon us! Finally, maybe the weather will get warmer and stay warmer so we can turn the heat off, and get outside and enjoy the sun and the wonderful scents of campfires and cookouts! And now is the time when the kids are out of school and we will be going every whichContinue reading “Don’t forget Worship!”

How are you?

How many times a day are you asked this question? We are asked this question by people we love and by people we see at the gym or the grocery store or any place we might go. They could be friends/aquatints or they could be strangers… And when you are asked, are you honest withContinue reading “How are you?”

The river…

The rivers lift up, the rivers lift up their voice. O jehovah! the rivers lift up their roaring Psalm 93:3 Other translations talk about the seas or the floods, it all is about water. But what is this water? Why is water important? Water is huge in our understanding of who God is and who weContinue reading “The river…”

Restore us…

I was taking my girls to school this morning and Stronger by Mandisa came on KSBJ. Here is the first verse: Hey, heard you were up all night Thinking about how your world ain’t right And you wonder if things will ever get better And you’re asking why is it always raining on you WhenContinue reading “Restore us…”

Quiver of God!

Have you ever felt like you weren’t doing that thing that you should be doing? Thought about changing your  career? But is career in my thought is not vocation. Vocation is calling from the Latin for voice, and that is why we say that those in the “ministry” have a vocation. And in my thoughtsContinue reading “Quiver of God!”

Fountain of life…

Have you ever heard of the fountain of youth? Wondered if you could ever find it? And what would you do if you found a magical fountain that would make you young and live for ever? Well maybe the fountain of youth is not as far fetched as we think it is. It is howeverContinue reading “Fountain of life…”

Where are you going?

Where are you going? I have been asking myself this question for a while now… Where do I think my life is going and where am I leading my family? Do I have a clear picture of where I came from? Because the past is something that has helped to shape me, it in no way definesContinue reading “Where are you going?”

Consider the steadfast love of the Lord

Psalm 107 is a wonderful psalm filled with things that have happened to people and how God has rescued them from the tribulation they find themselves in… But what happens when you feel like God has not rescued you? Can you read psalm 107 and say, “But my issue is not listed here, does thatContinue reading “Consider the steadfast love of the Lord”

Nicodemus – Man of Growth

John 3:1-13 tells us the beginning of the story of Nicodemus… And while it is the beginning, it is a wonderful story and one that should be the basis for all of our lives. What can we learn about Nicodemus from this passage? He is: A Pharisee (v. 1) A member of the Jewish CouncilContinue reading “Nicodemus – Man of Growth”