17 “When it was time for God to keep the promise he made to Abraham, the number of our people in Egypt had greatly expanded. 18 But then another king rose to power over Egypt who didn’t know anything about Joseph. 19 He exploited our people and abused our ancestors. He even forced them to abandon their newly born babies soContinue reading “who”

Tend the flock

Therefore, I have a request for the elders among you. (I ask this as a fellow elder and a witness of Christ’s sufferings, and as one who shares in the glory that is about to be revealed.) I urge the elders: 2 Like shepherds, tend the flock of God among you. Watch over it. Don’t shepherd becauseContinue reading “Tend the flock”

Lousy Leaders Coddle

Leadership Freak Coddling leaders are safe; compassionate leaders dangerous. Coddling, like all leadership behaviors, reflects attitudes about yourself and others. Coddling isn’t compassionate it’s needy, misguided, self-important, and self-propagating. The more you coddle the more you need to coddle. Coddlers can’t stand to see others stressed or struggling, but growth and development require both. CoddlingContinue reading “Lousy Leaders Coddle”

Book Review: Leadership by Example by Dr. Sanjiv Chopra

Leadership is something we think a few people do. There are leaders in the country, leaders in business, leaders in church, you name the place and there are leaders there. And we look to these people to show us the way to do things. Sometimes these people are leaders in only one aspect of their lives, and followers elseContinue reading “Book Review: Leadership by Example by Dr. Sanjiv Chopra”

Review ~ The Church Creative ~ how to be a creative gathering in the 21st century by John O’Keefe

The church as a whole has been in a decline for quite some time.  It seems we are looking for the new program that will turn everything around. The cookie cutter that will make all of our gatherings be like they were in the ‘good old days’… But will we ever get back to thoseContinue reading “Review ~ The Church Creative ~ how to be a creative gathering in the 21st century by John O’Keefe”