Ethics of Queer Holiness Mid-term

Question 1: Briefly describe what Mark Jordan explains about truth-telling in the Church. What is your task at hand in terms of truth-telling within the Christian Church? What would be one of the misunderstandings (that your fellow Christians learned from the existing teachings of the Church) that you feel most obligated to dedicate your time and energy to telling the truth?

Question 2: Watch the Oxford Union debates of Calvin Robinson and Alan Wilson (You can find these debate clips from the 03/1/2023 PowerPoint) Briefly explain each speaker’s thesis statement and supporting arguments and analyze each speaker’s theological arguments. Do you agree with the speaker? If so, why? If not, why? What would be your speech if you were a speaker at the debate? Outline your speech.

Question 3: Explain the Early Christians’ understanding of sex, marriage, and family according to Elaine Pagel.

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