Session 5

  1. In this session you will need string and beads for everyone to make Anglican Prayer Beads.
  2. Make sure you have the supplies you need
    1. Each person needs
      1. String
      2. A Cross
      3. 1 special invitatory bead
      4. 4 matching Cruciform beads
      5. 28 smaller week beads
      1. Follow the instructions at this video.
      2. Allow all members of the class to choose their beads and construct the beads.
    3. Once everyone has created their beads work through the prayers in the Anglican Prayer Beads Section of the study.
    4. If the class is up to it and you can also make pocket rosaries.
      1. Here is a video that shows how to make them with paracord and bigger beads
      2. You can use string and a cord Tool
      3. Once done making your beads make sure to use them.

Video for making Anglican Prayer Beads:

Video for making pocket rosary:

Here is a link to get the string tool needed for tying rosary knots.

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