Session 2

  1. During this session you should review Centering Prayer and the method.
    • Talk about word choice and make sure everyone has time to discern a word.
    • Make sure everyone is comfortable.
    • Remind them if they fall asleep, when they wake up they should rejoin the prayer.
    • Give a moment to make sure no one will have to use the restroom during the 20 minutes of prayer.
    • Download the app for timers and sounds to start and finish the prayer
    • Do a 20 minute session of Centering prayer.
      • Remember to leave extra silence at the end.
  2. Discuss the experience
    • What were good things?
    • What were not so good things?
    • What did you like about the prayer time?
    • What was unsettling during your prayer time?
    • Will you try this again?

Centering Prayer Method

  1. Choose a sacred word as the symbol of your intention to consent to God’s presence and action within.  
  2. Sitting comfortably and with eyes closed,  settle briefly and silently introduce the sacred word as the symbol of your consent to God’s presence and action within.
  3. When engaged with your thoughts, return ever-so-gently to the sacred word. 
  4. At the end of the prayer period, remain in silence with your eyes closed for a couple of minutes.
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