Contemporary Christian Spirituality Final Paper Part 4

This course has been a highlight of my week. The discussion and presentations were always good and engaging. The chat conversations were sometimes hilarious and off topic, but still connected and added to what was happening. The moments of small breakout groups were done in a way to enhance the lectures and allow us time to process as small groups.

One of the things I thought would be tedious and hard was the group project, since we could not gather in person. But my group was great. We met while I was at a marching band showcase, and everyone was present and we divided the work and chose what we would do, and everyone did it. If that is not the moving of God, I do not know what is! A group project where we had no issues with who was doing what and everything was done in the time frame, we set up. And it was a riveting discussion when we gathered, and I thought the report went as good as it could have. God was definitely moving in that space and time and all the groups seemed to do their presentations flawlessly, which was a major concern of mine on Zoom.

The other part where I saw God’s presence and action was when we did the triads and prayed for each other. The first time was moving and powerful. We were talking about the issues we were currently undergoing and how we could use the presence of God and the people I was partnered with prayed in a way that was thoughtful and moving. I felt the presence of God in that moment and was moved to know that even in this age of us meeting on multiple continents and places that we were still connected by the power of the Spirit working through us all. And then at the last class when you said we were doing this again, I was so happy. It moved me to know that I could lift up two of my classmates and have them lift me up and ask for God to move in our lives. And this last time, the last person praying ended his prayer as the timer got to 0 on us returning to the full class gathering. God was in that moment and moved us to a place where I felt the presence of God and knew that God was working in and through that time and place.

This class has helped me know that as I start this new degree and see the future of seminary education that there is hope. Hope in people answering calls without fully upsetting their current lives. Hope for the education of current pastors and church leaders so they can join from where they are. Hope for those who struggle to get visas to come to the USA to study. All of this hope is God working and moving in this place and through this class.

All of this to help those of us in the class to learn about spirituality and to learn new ways to deepen our faith. For currently leaders I hope they use these new found practices to enhance their leadership and the ministries they serve, and for those seeking first degrees that they put these practices in their rolodex, and make sure it is well spun, and use them for personal growth and are preparing for where they are being guided and moved to support the people of God.

Thank you for a wonderful first semester as a DMin student and for a wonderful class.

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