Longest sermon?

On the first day of the week, as we gathered together for a meal, Paul was holding a discussion with them. Since he was leaving the next day, he continued talking until midnight. There were many lamps in the upstairs room where we had gathered. A young man named Eutychus was sitting in the window. He was sinking into a deep sleep as Paul talked on and on. When he was sound asleep, he fell from the third floor and died. Paul went down, fell on him and embraced him, then said, “Don’t be alarmed. He’s alive!” Then Paul went back upstairs and ate. He talked for a long time—right up until daybreak—then he left. They took the young man away alive, and they were greatly comforted. (Acts 20:7-12, CEB)

I always chuckle at this passage. Paul preached for so long, someone fell asleep and fell out a window and died. I have always heard the joke there is a fine line between a long sermon and a hostage situation!

And my wonder about this passage is why did the writer think out of all the stories they could include this is one that needed to be known? Well, it does show us that Paul was able to raise a man from the dead. And that is the work of the Holy Spirit or heavenly power in him. And we all have that same power.

So maybe we read this to know that we have the heavenly power to raise people to life. Do you believe you have the power to raise people to life?

God moving in and through you will do greater things than Jesus according to Jesus.

So know you have the power.

Loving People. Loving God.

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