A Father’s Psalm of Lament

I see her about to break
          under the weight of those demons. 
I need to help her
          but the demons just laugh at me.
I shout,
          "Get away from her. Leave her alone."
The demons laugh louder
I hear you say to me,
          "Oh, you of little faith..."
I feel like I have failed
          and you.
O God why can't I help her?
          O God why do I let her and you down?
Are these the demons I fought
O so many years ago?
Are these my demons
tormenting her?
I thought I had defeated them
but yet again I have failed
God take those demons from her
let them torment me
Let me suffer instead of her
Let me fight them again
Let my faith increase
so she doesn't have to suffer
Please God let me suffer
so she doesn't have to suffer
Help me take away her demons.
Help me take away her demons!

Published by asacredrebel

Lions tamed Dragons slain Leaders equipped Disciples trained Jedi Christian Living the Gospel out loud!

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