turn away

I hope to come to you quickly. But I’m writing these things to you so that if I’m delayed, you’ll know how you should behave in God’s household. It is the church of the living God and the backbone and support of the truth. Without question, the mystery of godliness is great: he was revealed as a human, declared righteous by the Spirit, seen by angels, preached throughout the nations, believed in around the world, and taken up in glory. The Spirit clearly says that in latter times some people will turn away from the faith. They will pay attention to spirits that deceive and to the teaching of demons. They will be controlled by the pretense of lying, and their own consciences will be seared. They will prohibit marriage and eating foods that God created—and he intended them to be accepted with thanksgiving by those who are faithful and have come to know the truth. Everything that has been created by God is good, and nothing that is received with thanksgiving should be rejected. These things are made holy by God’s word and prayer. (1 Timothy 3:14 — 4:5, CEB)

in the latter times, some will turn away from faith and pay attention to spirits that deceive and the teaching of demons. We are seeing this now. As many have in the past. This is not a one time happening, but something that can go on for a long time. We need to focus on where God is calling us to be.

Everything that has been created by God is good and should be accepted with thanksgiving and nothing received with thanksgiving should be rejected. God made it and it is good. We shouldn’t judge it but know it is good and not reject it. If you reject something that God made good says it is not is following after spirits of evil and teaching of demons.

Love the world, because God created it.

Loving People. Loving God.

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