The Festival of Unleavened Bread, which is called Passover, was approaching. The chief priests and the legal experts were looking for a way to kill Jesus, because they were afraid of the people. Then Satan entered Judas, called Iscariot, who was one of the Twelve. He went out and discussed with the chief priests and the officers of the temple guard how he could hand Jesus over to them. They were delighted and arranged payment for him. He agreed and began looking for an opportunity to hand Jesus over to them—a time when the crowds would be absent. The Day of Unleavened Bread arrived, when the Passover had to be sacrificed. Jesus sent Peter and John with this task: “Go and prepare for us to eat the Passover meal.” They said to him, “Where do you want us to prepare it?” Jesus replied, “When you go into the city, a man carrying a water jar will meet you. Follow him to the house he enters. Say to the owner of the house, ‘The teacher says to you, “Where is the guestroom where I can eat the Passover meal with my disciples?” ’ He will show you a large upstairs room, already furnished. Make preparations there.” They went and found everything just as he had told them, and they prepared the Passover meal. (Luke 22:1-13, CEB)

This passage has at least 2 things being prepared.

  1. The Time for Jesus to be handed over
  2. a meal with friends

And the second wasn’t just any meal it was the meal to remember the Exodus, the passover of the final plague.

What do we prepare for as we are about to enter the week before Jesus’ death for all of us?
Have we prepared this season of Lent for this most holy week?
What preparations have we missed?

Judas was doing what he thought needed to be done to fulfill the calling of being a disciple, or was it just pure evil? Jesus said you can not serve 2 masters. The text above and the gospels say that Satan had entered Judas to allow for what had happened. But was it Satan? the texts say that, but…

Do we prepare our lives to follow where Jesus is leading or do we blame external forces for leading us to selfish things?

Have you prepared? It is never too late.

Loving People. Loving God.

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