better for one to die

Therefore, many of the Jews who came with Mary and saw what Jesus did believed in him. But some of them went to the Pharisees and told them what Jesus had done. Then the chief priests and Pharisees called together the council and said, “What are we going to do? This man is doing many miraculous signs! If we let him go on like this, everyone will believe in him. Then the Romans will come and take away both our temple and our people.” One of them, Caiaphas, who was high priest that year, told them, “You don’t know anything! You don’t see that it is better for you that one man die for the people rather than the whole nation be destroyed.” He didn’t say this on his own. As high priest that year, he prophesied that Jesus would soon die for the nation— and not only for the nation. Jesus would also die so that God’s children scattered everywhere would be gathered together as one. From that day on they plotted to kill him. Therefore, Jesus was no longer active in public ministry among the Jewish leaders. Instead, he left Jerusalem and went to a place near the wilderness, to a city called Ephraim, where he stayed with his disciples. It was almost time for the Jewish Passover, and many people went from the countryside up to Jerusalem to purify themselves through ritual washing before the Passover. They were looking for Jesus. As they spoke to each other in the temple, they said, “What do you think? He won’t come to the festival, will he?” The chief priests and Pharisees had given orders that anyone who knew where he was should report it, so they could arrest him. (John 11:45-57, CEB)

Spock said, “Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” in The Wrath of Khan.

I find it interesting that Caiaphas said that it is better for one to die, than the whole nation perish, not of his own, but because he was prophesying what God had shown him. That Jesus would die for the nation to bring back those who had been scattered, and yet he still proceeded to plot his death like it was his duty to kill him. I understand why he would want Jesus dead after knowing this because as Chief Priest you would want the nation to be together. But as one who has studied the scriptures, you would know that the way the community interprets the prophets isn’t always the way God meant it.

Caiaphas played a role he had no clue he was playing to help the world see love, through death.

What would you have done if you were Caiaphas?

How is Jesus’ death loving and helping for the whole world?

Loving People. Loving God.

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