There was a man in Caesarea named Cornelius, a centurion in the Italian Company. He and his whole household were pious, Gentile God-worshippers. He gave generously to those in need among the Jewish people and prayed to God constantly. One day at nearly three o’clock in the afternoon, he clearly saw an angel from God in a vision. The angel came to him and said, “Cornelius!” Startled, he stared at the angel and replied, “What is it, Lord?” The angel said, “Your prayers and your compassionate acts are like a memorial offering to God. Send messengers to Joppa at once and summon a certain Simon, the one known as Peter. He is a guest of Simon the tanner, whose house is near the seacoast.” When the angel who was speaking to him had gone, Cornelius summoned two of his household servants along with a pious soldier from his personal staff. He explained everything to them, then sent them to Joppa. (Acts 10:1-8, CEB)

He clearly saw an angel from God in a vision.

I wonder what we would say if someone told us they clearly saw an angel from God in a vision?

I personally would want to know what the angel looked like because I have done studies on angels from the Bible and they are not really creatures we would want to look at. There is a reason after all most angels say, “Do not be afraid.” when they appear!

Most of us would have a hard time believing this. We would wonder if they are on something or what is going on in their life that they are seeing things.

Sometimes I think these things don’t happen anymore because we have medical ways to explain them, or we are shut off to the possibility. We need to believe what we are told and have seen in the Bible. Visions are real, and God still speaks to us by them.

Open your mind and have faith.

Loving People. Loving God.

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