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28 The Jewish leaders led Jesus from Caiaphas to the Roman governor’s palace. It was early in the morning. So that they could eat the Passover, the Jewish leaders wouldn’t enter the palace; entering the palace would have made them ritually impure. 29 So Pilate went out to them and asked, “What charge do you bring against this man?” 30 They answered, “If he had done nothing wrong, we wouldn’t have handed him over to you.” 31 Pilate responded, “Take him yourselves and judge him according to your Law. The Jewish leaders replied, “The Law doesn’t allow us to kill anyone.” (32 This was so that Jesus’ word might be fulfilled when he indicated how he was going to die.) (John 18:28-32, CEB)

Our law doesn’t allow us to kill anyone, that is why we need you.

What charge is against him? And they can’t even give one. Their response is “If he had done nothing wrong, we wouldn’t have handed him over to you.” We don’t really know what he did wrong other than disturb our way of life. But we need him taken care of.

How many times do we pass off our issues on someone else? We make someone else fix our problems. Jesus was making the religious leaders look at who they really were and what they were doing and they didn’t like it. So the easy way to fix the problem is get rid of Jesus. But does that fix the problem?

The easiest answer isn’t always an answer.

What can we do to be more like Jesus?

Love People. Love God.

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