United States of Grace

United States of Grace – A Memoir of Homelessness, Addiction, Incarceration and Hope by Lenny Duncan.

This is a must-read book for anyone who claims to be a disciple of Jesus and a lover of God.

I was waiting for this book ever since I read Dear Church. I was ready when this book arrived for me to read. But I wasn’t. Lenny pulled back the veil and ushered us into the most intimate parts of his life. Lenny showed us the young abused man who set out on his own, and the father who was reunited with his daughter. He showed us the drug addict and sex worker just trying to make their way in life. He reveals why he loves this country and gives everyone us of us every reason to hate it. We are taken to the heights of being covered by God’s grace and to the depths of almost being lynched.

I was not ready for the roller coaster ride that the United States of Grace is. I was not ready to feel the depth of love, and hatred that I felt as I read about Lenny’s life. Lenny bore his soul and let us peak into who he is and why.

I saw grace in a way I have never seen as a Lutheran Pastor and saw God in a new and exciting way that will forever change the course of my life.

This book will change your understanding of grace, and help you see just how immense the love of God is. as Lenny said, ” I can look back and see that it was God’s grace completely unmerited and frankly unwanted entering my life in the way an invading force of mercy often does; it is overwhelming and all-encompassing.”

Get this book.

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