Crush Him

Jesus left with his disciples and went to the lake. A large crowd followed him because they had heard what he was doing. They were from Galilee, Judea, Jerusalem, Idumea, beyond the Jordan, and the area surrounding Tyre and Sidon. Jesus told his disciples to get a small boat ready for him so the crowd wouldn’t crush him. 10 He had healed so many people that everyone who was sick pushed forward so that they could touch him. 11 Whenever the evil spirits saw him, they fell down at his feet and shouted, “You are God’s Son!”12 But he strictly ordered them not to reveal who he was. (Mark 3:7-12, CEB)

Jesus asked the disciples to get a boat ready so the crowd wouldn’t crush Him. You see people are so motivated by their own desires and needs that they will physically harm or kill others to get what we want even when it is the person we are trying to get it from.

Why are we wired in such a way that we look out for ourselves over others? We need to get over ourselves and know that the world doesn’t revolve around us.

We need to love as God loves us.

Love People, Love God.

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