Stretch out your hand

Jesus left that place and went into their synagogue. 10 A man with a withered hand was there. Wanting to bring charges against Jesus, they asked, “Does the Law allow a person to heal on the Sabbath?” 11 Jesus replied, “Who among you has a sheep that falls into a pit on the Sabbath and will not take hold of it and pull it out? 12 How much more valuable is a person than a sheep! So the Law allows a person to do what is good on the Sabbath.” 13 Then Jesus said to the man, “Stretch out your hand.” So he did and it was made healthy, just like the other one. 14 The Pharisees went out and met in order to find a way to destroy Jesus. (Matthew 12:9-14, CEB)

Does the law allow for healing on the sabbath?

This is a question to entrap. It is asked in order to make Jesus look bad no matter how it is answered. If Jesus says no, then He is insensitive to the needs of humans, and if He says yes, then He is going against the Law.

It is a no win situation. But the answer is a resounding yes. The law allows for healing on the sabbath because that is restoration to relationship. And that is what God is relationship. Healing on the sabbath is restoration to sabbath.

So go and love people, love God.

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