Pushing the limit

We also thank God constantly for this: when you accepted God’s word that you heard from us, you welcomed it for what it truly is. Instead of accepting it as a human message, you accepted it as God’s message, and it continues to work in you who are believers. 14 Brothers and sisters, you became imitators of the churches of God in Judea, which are in Christ Jesus. This was because you also suffered the same things from your own people as they did from the Jews. 15 They killed both the Lord Jesus and the prophets and drove us out. They don’t please God, and they are hostile to the entire human race 16 when they try to stop us from speaking to the Gentiles so they can be saved. Their sins are constantly pushing the limit. God’s wrath has caught up with them in the end. 17 Brothers and sisters, we were separated from you for a while physically but not in our hearts. We made every effort in our desire to see you again face-to-face. 18 We wanted to come to you—I, Paul, tried over and over again—and Satan stopped us. 19 What is our hope, joy, or crown that we can brag about in front of our Lord Jesus when he comes? Isn’t it all of you? 20 You are our glory and joy! (1 Thessalonians 2:13-20, CEB)

You heard a message that was different than was given before and you heard it as a message from the Lord, and accepted it as such and because of that message you are living a Body life. While others try to hold us to a set of guidelines prepared by people to hold others in place.

Religion is used to keep things the same, which is sometimes not what God pushes us towards. We need to love God and our neighbor and everyone is our neighbor. So until justice is done then society can not stay the same, and anything we use to keep others in a place of oppression is not what God would want us to do.

We must push the limits of love, while others push the limits of sin by trying to force the traditionalism of religious understanding. Do not fall for the traditionalism, but hold fast to following after God.

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