God’s Faithfulness and Justice

So what’s the advantage of being a Jew? Or what’s the benefit of circumcision? Plenty in every way. First of all, the Jews were trusted with God’s revelations. What does it matter, then, if some weren’t faithful? Their lack of faith won’t cancel God’s faithfulness, will it?Absolutely not! God must be true, even if every human being is a liar, as it is written: So that it can show that you are right in your words; and you will triumph when you are judged. But if our lack of righteousness confirms God’s justice, what will we say? That God, who brings wrath upon us, isn’t just (I’m speaking rhetorically)? Absolutely not! If God weren’t just, how could he judge the world? But if God’s truth is demonstrated by my lie and it increases his glory, why am I still judged as a sinner? Why not say, “Let’s do evil things so that good things will come out of it”? (Some people who slander us accuse us of saying that, but these people deserve criticism.) (Romans 3:1-8, CEB)

Why not do evil things so that good things will come out of it?

God can make good out of evil, but we should not do evil so that God has to make them good. God whose grace and mercy is freely given does not need us to be good and our unfaithfulness to follow God’s path will not cancel God’s faithfulness. But since God is faithful to us, we should be faithful to God.

Fo by doing evil we lie about our love of God, and are not faithful to God and show the world what we ought not to do, Our evil and unfaithfulness does not cancel God’s yet it adds to misunderstanding in the world. As children of God, we should strive to show the love God has given to us through everything we do.

Do not do evil, but share the love that was given to you.

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