As I sit at my desk and think about what to write for the April Newsletter this Tuesday of Holy Week I remembered an email I received from Old Lutheran. Their idea or concept for this Easter is Jesus Woke. And so they sent this in an email to explain that.

“Woke means to be aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues. It is in that context that we know that Jesus is WOKE to injustice and WOKE to indifference. Not only on Easter Sunday when Mary and the others went to the tomb and discovered that he was WOKE but Jesus is WOKE to the sins of humanity. In Jesus Resurrection we are all WOKE in Christ.”

I think of Easter being April 1, April Fools day and wonder, would Jesus joke with the disciples on this most important morning. Jesus came out of the tomb and saw His shadow and said, “Sorry guys, 6 more weeks of Lent!” This is a Jesus who is woke.

Jesus was aware and attentive to the issues in the lives of the disciples and all of those around Him, then when He walked this earth and now, as He walks it with us. Jesus is aware of what is happening in all of those who trust Him lives and seeking to help them and guide them through the ups and downs of life.

I wonder if we are woke to anything other than ourselves? When things don’t go like we want them, or we don’t get our way how do we respond? Are we attentive and aware of the issues in the lives of the people we are close to? Do you know what is happening in your neighbor’s life? Or are we so wrapped up in our own issues we can’t see them?

Jesus just died when He could have stopped it, but He knew it was not about Him, even though it is all about Him. Jesus woke and was woke all of His earthly and God’s kingdom existence.

So are you Woke? Because in His Resurrection we are all Woke in Christ!



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