“What no one ever shares with you when you’re young is that Christianity is boring. No one tells you that. That Christianity, for the most part, is boring. No one tells you that Christianity is a 70 to 80 year grind in becoming more kind, more gentle, more giving, more joyful, more patient, more loving.

 You learn that God isn’t in the rocking praise band or the amped up worship experience. What you learn after college is that Holy Ground is standing patiently in a line. You learn that Holy Ground is learning to listen well to your child, wife or co-worker. Holy Ground is being a reliable and unselfish friend or family member and being a good nurse when someone is sick. Holy Ground is awkward and unlikely friendships. Holy Ground is often just showing up.

 Being more and more like Jesus is a million boring little things.

No one ever tells you that when you’re young.

Just like no one ever tells you just how risky and revolutionary it all is.

That a truly radical life of following Jesus is made up of a million boring little things.”

-Richard Beck

As we enter the summer (or close to it) we need to think about the million boring little things. You see, Christianity is about being like Christ and growing as His disciple every day.

We need to focus on the mundane tasks of being a disciple. You see as a musician, I will not continue to grow if I do not practice daily, or play for long periods of time. I may still be able to play, but I will not be able to play as well as I did last month, if I do not play for a month. I will not be able to play as good as I did, if I am not practicing every day.

So as disciples how do we practice?

There are focuses we can have as disciples to keep us cross eyed, or focused on Jesus. Michael Foss lays out 6 marks of discipleship in his book Power Surge that are ways we can daily practice being a disciple and do the million little boring things. These 6 marks are:

  1. Praying daily
  2. Worshiping Weekly (notice that is not Weakly!)
  3. Reading the Bible daily
  4. Serving inside and outside the congregation
  5. being in Relationships
  6. Giving

You can use it as an acronym to spell out PoWeR SuRGe.

So let us be focused on the million little things that make us like Jesus and focus ourselves on growing every day as His disciple!

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