persecuted without cause

My soul languishes for your salvation;
I hope in your word.
My eyes fail with watching for your promise;
I ask, “When will you comfort me?”
For I have become like a wineskin in the smoke,
yet I have not forgotten your statutes.
How long must your servant endure?
When will you judge those who persecute me?
The arrogant have dug pitfalls for me;
they flout your law.
All your commandments are enduring;
I am persecuted without cause; help me!
They have almost made an end of me on earth;
but I have not forsaken your precepts.
In your steadfast love spare my life,
so that I may keep the decrees of your mouth.

It is funny that I saw this Coffee With Jesus cartoon the same day I went to read this passage and write this devotion.

You see it is said there is always 2 sides to every story. Well I think that there are 3 or more sides. There is the side of one person, and the side of the other person and the truth of the matter which is probably somewhere in between the 2 of the sides…

But we all think we are on the side of God. We see our point of view and we look in the scriptures, and we pray to God and ask for guidance, and sometimes we walk away with the answer we knew we would get. And when we get a different answer we look again or ask again.

We feel like we are persecuted without cause, but someone has a cause, and that just might be that they think they are on the side of God.

I can say this from past personal experience. I was persecuted without cause in my mind. I believed that I was right and those who opposed me thought that they were right, and who was right.

I would venture to guess that neither of us were totally right. We needed to meet somewhere in the middle, but neither of us were willing to bend.

Sometimes we have to give up what we think is right to actually get to the truth, but that is always easier said than done.

So know that even when you are persecuted without cause, there is a cause, and be willing to bend to see if the truth will be revealed!

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