Change for Change Sake

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The 16%

When confronted with the need to change, many managers attempt to reassure their organization that “we are changing because we have to, but we are not going to create change just for the sake of change”.

While their intent is to make the change easier by reassuring fearful employees, in reality they accomplish just the opposite… their team hears that change is bad, and something to be endured only to the extent absolutely necessary.  Indeed, the underlying message of “we won’t make you change just for change sake” creates an extra burden to persuade your team that each and every change is actually necessary – thus requiring far more resources and energy to drive the needed change.

But the only constant in today’s world IS change. And high-performing organizations recognize the constancy of change and develop an organizational culture that rises above merely “enduring” change, and actually embrace, harness and drive…

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