What does pi sound like?

The Fat Pastor

What does pi sound like? I had never thought of that before seeing this video.  The musician in the video makes each digit correspond to a note on a scale.  He then “plays” pi for 100 digits.  The result is both random and beautiful – which is a perfect description of the number pi.

Pi is an irrational number.  It cannot be expressed by a ratio of two integers.  Instead, it describes the ratio between the diameter and the circumference of a circle.  It goes on forever in randomness.  According to wikipedia, pi has been extrapolated to 10 trillion digits (that would make for a very long song).

Pi is one of those pursuits that has endless applications.  The more I learn about pi, the more I realize I know very little about it.  I find that there is an incredible beauty in mathematics and things like pi and…

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