Wouldn’t you believe?

What if you saw a miracle would you believe? Would you forget about following that religion you were following if you saw someone do a miracle that professed to be a part of “another” religion?

That is what happened in our reading for today from John. John 12:10-11 says “So the chief priests planned to put Lazarus to death as well, since it was on account of him that many of the Jews were deserting and were believing in Jesus.” Why were the people believing Jesus because of Lazarus? Well duh, it was because Jesus had raised him from the dead. Lazarus was dead, and Jesus made him alive again. It was a miracle! People were not listening to the Pharisees and the high council any more because they weren’t doing miracles… They were just ordinary people like you and me and they couldn’t do anything special like Jesus, so we have to follow Jesus.

But are we just that oblivious to the miracles happening all around us? Have we become so accustom to the miracles we see that we do not even see them as miracles?

Ask any father who has been present at one of his children’s birth. They will tell you of a wonderful miracle they witnessed. And what about people who have had a by pass surgery. Miracles!  We are surrounded daily by miracles that we just gloss over because they are second nature and happen all the time and are really nothing special.

Why do you believe? Is it because of the miracle, or is it because as Mary knows, there is just something about Jesus that I need to adore Him. Oh how I wish I could pour the nard and wash His feet with my hair…

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