From where does your help come?

Where do you turn for help? Do you rely on yourself for everything that happens in your life?

Are you what is called a self-made man? Ok some of you reading might be women, so are you a self-made woman?

I have to say I do not believe in a self-made person. There are too many outside influences on each and every aspect of our lives that it is impossible if not just downright arrogant to say that you have done everything in your life for yourself and no one else has any input on where you are at right now. There were people involved in your upbringing and teachers who have taught you along the way. Even if you are the CEO of the company, there are still people who work for you and do things that cause things to happen in your life. None of us can ever make it on our own. We need others to help us. As the Beetles said, “I get by with a little help from my friends…”

But ultimately where does your help come from? I rely on my wife, and my children. Now my children rely on me, but they also support me and give me the strength and endurance to see things through. I rely on family and friends, but ultimately, there is one source of help that I cling to. There is one source that charges me and keeps me moving forward. It is a source I try to show in everything I do and say, even though I fall short.

The psalmist speaks of this source in Psalm 121 – Where does my help come – it comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth.

I turn my eyes up to the hills – Even when I am in the valley surrounded by hills that seem to unmatchable, I look up at them, but I do not get dismayed, because my help comes from the creator of everything! Even when I look at my life and darkness is closing in on me and it seems that everything is falling apart, I look up and I see my creator, my lord and I know that I am going to be ok, because he is my keeper, and shade so I won’t get burned. He will protect me so that my foot will not dash a stone, he will guard me from all evil and watch over me everywhere I go.

Do you have a source of power like that? A source that will guard you and keep you, protect you and watch over you every moment of your life? If you don’t, mine is waiting for you, and loving you. Look up to the hills and see where your help comes from, and cling to your creator the source of never ending power!

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