No room in the Inn

We are in the midst of doing VBS at the congregation I serve.  Yesterdays scripture passage was Luke 2:1-20, the birth of Jesus.

Now this is a story most of us hear year after year, because those of us who go to churches that follow the Revised Common Lectionary use this set of verses every Christmas Eve.  So this is a story that we have heard many times and so then know by heart!  Right!

I find it, that the more I think I know a passage of scripture, is when I really need to stop and take a good look at it.

Like this story, here we see the shepherds and the wise man visiting Jesus in the manger right?  Not quite.  Some of the discussion we had in our Adult class during VBS was the way we mix up the Christmas stories from Matthew and Luke into one story.  In actuality, Matthew does nto have a Christmas story, but has the story of Epiphany, which probably happened about 2 years after the birth of Christ!  That’s right the Wise Guys probably did not arrive at the house where Jesus and his family were living for about 2 years after the birth. This is why the decree was sent down by Herod to kill all male children 2 years old and younger, so he made sure he got Jesus…

Well Luke has the shepherds, the lowly, unreliable shepherds. Those who could not be witnesses in court, were the first to witness the new born king of all the world.

But that is not what caught my eye.  There was no room in the inn.  WOW.  Did you hear that?  There was no room in inn, the place they stopped to stay was all filled up, no room for Joseph and Mary.  And now you are saying, yes we know, we have heard it.  We know the inn keeper told them to stay in the stable, with the manger.  But you see the inn keeper is not in the story.  However I do like Todd Agnew’s rendition of how that story might have went.  His song No Room is a wonderful portrayal of the story. The inn keepers are saying that they have had all of these people coming to the door and asking for something, and they have given everything they have, and if you were wealthy or important we might be able to find you some room, yet they took pity on them and sent them to the stable…  One line in the song says “if you could only save me, then I might find you some room…”

Isn’t that really the point to no room at the inn?  Isn’t that exactly the way we act as christians, or people who do not claim to be christians???  We say that I’ll give you this hour God, and then the rest of the time is mine, the rest of my life is mine, there is no room in my life for you.  If only you could bring me some comfort and safe me from all my worries, then maybe I would make some room, but as it is, there is no room for you here…

Where are you saying to God, there is no room?  How could life be so much better if we only allow God the room he is seeking, and instead say, I’ll make the room, because you made the space first for me!

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One thought on “No room in the Inn

  1. Harry Wendt has some great stuff (drawing on Kenneth Bailey’s work) about what exactly the word usually translated “inn” means. It may not mean “inn” at all (as in hotel). Luke uses a different word in the Good Samaritan parable. However, the word “inn” is picked up in another place in St. Luke’s Gospel: in the “guest room” where the Last Supper is held.

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