What does it mean to Fish for People????

The one aspect I am stuck on is the call to leave behind the life we have always known. This is what most of us think about in this story. The men were called, and immediately left their boats, nets, and families to follow Jesus. Not for what they would get, but because of the job he called them to. They left their lives behind them, and never went back, right?

Well no I do not think so, they probably were never more than a few days from their homes. They even return to Peter’s home later in the Gospel of Matthew. God is calling us to a life of service to him. But that does not mean we need to or have to or should severe the ties we have with our old lives. While we are new creatures in Christ, we are also called to a vocation in the body of Christ. It is all of our resonsibility to be the light to the world, not the light to our congregation. We must cast our nets, and drag in those who are not a part of us, so they can die, just as we did in the waters of our baptism, and receive the promise of becoming inheritors of the kingdom of God, and eternal life. We are called to a new life, sometimes this is within our old life. We are called to be doctors, lawyers, judges, painters, builders, clerks, nurses, teachers, janitors, insert occupation here, with the new call to spread the love of God and “catch” those who do not know the promises made to us by God. As Douglas Hare said “Our task is to share a faith that is exciting enough to be contagious.”

Our call is to live and follow Jesus immediately, and always. To be repenting. to keep repenting, and to look into the face of Jesus and to seek To be where Jesus is, to stay close to Jesus, to drown in the Spirit, to worship in Truth, To be where Jesus is, to walk in his ways, to have Jesus rename us, again here today. We need to seek to be where Jesus is.

We are called to immediately follow, to be overjoyed being caught in God’s net of Love, and spread that love to all we can net…

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