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Check out Seth’s blog about pleasing and what or who we are trying to please. One of my collegues in Ohio said, “our business as the church is pleasing God.”. While I have mixed feelings about this statement, because I am a Lutheran and therefore think any works are bad and can not help me to please God, yet I have to do something because “faith without works is dead”…

So what do you think?

Prenatal Confirmation A womb with a view – The Melheimian Sabbatiblog

Prenatal Confirmation A womb with a view – The Melheimian Sabbatiblog.

Can you imagine if all of our confirmation was done this way?  Can you imagine if the seeds of faith were planted each and every night at home?  Can you imagine if our youth came to know the church as a loving welcome place, and not a place where they would be made to sit at desks/tables for hours and be dumped on with material that seems so far from where they are at mentally?  If the family was the center of faith, our youth would learn the stuff about faith from living it, and already know it…


The Greatest Loser the church – The Melheimian Sabbatiblog

The Greatest Loser the church – The Melheimian Sabbatiblog.

Rich Melheim is a great thinker and model for the church.  He always seems to be on the pulse of what is happening, and trying to help us all think about ways to look at the glass and how full it is, or to break free from the boxes we so often place ourselves in…

Faith is something that is caught, and not taught.  We can not dump information and expect people to pick it up, we need to do what Jesus commands us to do, Love!  If we love our children and the children of our congregations, they will catch the faith.

Rich says, and has said for many years, the most important time is right before bed, and this is the lens through which all of the day is replayed in the child’s mind.  So parents it is really up to you. are we ready to accept the challenge, saying that the way we do it and have done it, is not the best and move forward in a new way that will bring life through faith?

More Couples Divorce After Decades Of Marriage : NPR

More Couples Divorce After Decades Of Marriage : NPR.

I am not sure how I feel about this.  It is all about marriage, and how people are living longer.  The Gores are one couple they speak about, where there was no infidelity, no issues with the marriage and they are just unhappy with the relationship, and the fact that there was no problems, we can not say that the marriage is a failure.

I disagree.  Marriage is not about love, marriage is a commitment to the covenant we make in the vows we say that day.  Love fades and wains.  Love is a fickle thing that changes by our other emotions and the alignment of the stars and the planets, and can not be the basis of marriage.  It is the fact that we are tired of dealing with the commitment we made, so I can get a divorce.

Marriage can not be about the kids, or the love for the other. These of course are factors. And no I am not saying that divorce is wrong in all cases, but just because the spark is not there?  Is that what it is really all about?  Is it really all about how I feel and what makes me feel good?

If God’s grace and love for us was based on his feeling good about us where would we be?

Society is doing what feels good and what makes us feel good, and this is not what we as christians are called to be…

Camp Chrysalis

My family and I are at Camp Chrysalis, in Kerrville, TX for the kick off to.the camp’s 60th anniversary year. We came up last because it is a three hour drive and that would have meant an early morning, but it is amazing how refreshing it is to be at camp…

The girls seem to be in their element, out playing early this morning after eating. Sitting in a rocking chair is more relaxing here… Even with the sounds of passing tractor trailers in the distance, there is a calm here, a peace that does not seem existant in the real world.

Even for the night, this time at camp has been a time away that is refreshing.

So Happy Anniversary Chrysalis! May all campers this summer get the retreat you have given me and my family!

Big City – To Develop Young Tastes, Look Past the Children’s Menu –

Big City – To Develop Young Tastes, Look Past the Children’s Menu –

What does this say about how we are as the church?  Do we want to stick with the things we have always known and dumb it down because we think visitors and some members may not actually get it…

Are we willing to push people to become disciples and learn new things, or simply succumb to the ways society want us to be, and live in our safe little box?

Here are some thoughts on the New York Times article from A Renewal Enterprise, good thoughts…